Monday, February 26, 2007

Commenting Begins...

I was watching this live.. and a couple things ran thru my mind.
And considering it was K's b-day and his american album release I was just happy for the guy.

Born & Raised

Take this video from vet rap group Point Blank for their "Born & Raised in the Ghetto". It takes a really interesting look at government housing's development from the early 1950's. Little known fact, Regent Park's housing complexes were used as the standard for community housing across North America.

need more Point Blank?
Thin Line
You don't Want It With Us

Friday, February 23, 2007

This band is sick and the record is stellar!!!
The One

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lobsters for Tacos

Just got some amazing news. The team over at Half Life Records in Halifax are jumpin ship for 6 dates confirmed including SXSW in the same region. This should be a great year for these guys. I'm expecting a Juno for Classified. Not to mention the work being put in by The IV League, JC (the teacher), J-Bru & Mic B.

Here's the dates:
  • 3/11 - Kansas City MO
  • 3/13 - San Antonio TX - @ Kingston Tycoon Black
  • 3/14 - Austin TX (SXSW festival) @ Zero Degrees
  • 3/17 - Los Angeles CA
  • 3/21 - Sacramento CA
  • 3/22 - Salt Lake City UT

I'm sure they'll be feeling fine.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lily allen vs Aaron Lacrate

Baltimore in the house...
The One

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

K-OS review

Check out K-OS's album review on

Much Music's Sarah Taylor in stable coma

Much Music's own Sarah Taylor fell ill covering NBA All-Star weekend in Las Vegas. She remains in hospital in stable coma after doctors relieved pressure from her brain. Our prayers go out for Sarah and her family.

Monday, February 19, 2007

the timbaland rip of scandle .blah blah blah...

People should chill out sampling is what hip hop music is all about... so he didn't clear a sample from a song that never really came out anyhow...BIG DEAL. Pay day for some random in europe though.
The One

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Brandy's Little brother all grown up

Good look for Ray J???????

Mims Feat. Baby Cham & Junior Reid-This Is Why I'm hot

They shot the video for this in Miami before the end of the 06 it should be out very soon

This is Why I'm Hot Remix

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Urban Exposure

Urban Exposure '06 kick off Saturday Feb. 10 with another showcase for our inspiring Canadian artists. The panels consisted of Canadian and U.S. music industry vets such as Mo$$, Ivan Evidente, Sasha Elliot, Jus Red, Will Strickland and more. Each panelist giving their advice for artist and producers on how to break in this always evolving industry. The night ended off with incredible performances by the 3 demo entry winners Isis, Empire, and Drake. At the end, with performance like that one would get the feeling that big things are about to happen for urban music in Canada very soon!!

6 posters

I got 6 11 x 17 K-os posters from jahmal in my last package, dude when i seen them i kinda laughed and was like whatever. Then i though about it and was like how can i use these posters and get them in peoples faces!!! Well i hit up the only construction site on busy ass Robson st in Vancouver and put one up in Dipt hiphop shop. These posters on robson have been living for over 2 weeks thousands of people a day read these posters!! Basically what im trying to say is that IM THE F**KING KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

P.s check the vinyl still living in this store front on Robson and Thurlow the most busy intersection on Robson!

Make It Rain on These Hoes

The irony is R. Kelly 'making it rain'. And is the new drink of choice going to be Alize Ruby? Enjoy!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Music Is My Savior

Check MIMS out on RApcity if u missed it or take BET in light doses.

CORINE BAILEY on the grammy awards

Corine bailey was great on the grammy awards, she has a beautiful voice!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Night @ The Guv

My Saturday was banal, at the best. T-Dot mediocrity. Went to a seminar, saw some movies, had some convos about what people need to do to get it poppin in the rap game. Decided that was draining me, I went to grab food, had an inkling of what I was gonna do that same evening. But until a convo with a girl connected changed the direction of the night. I went to see A-Trak's DJ set @ D'Luxe in the Guvernment.
Good thing I've been in the game long enough to have broken bread w/ the potentially mean bouncers of the Guv. Breezing through to the lounge, I met up with upcoming mogul/rapper Chris S who provided a video release of his new track "Clap 2 This" featuring vet, G Wunder.

Clap To This

Add to My Profile More Videos

Waiting for the A-Trak set gave me a chance to survey the room. Imagine 19yr old suburban kids who came out for a Girls Gone Wild night. Scenesters with the latest streetwear choosing to spend a grip on a 24 of Heineken @ the bar instead of a bottle - BRILLIANT. Then the A-Trak DJ fans who seemed like it was the first time out of their basement in years.

4 Korners wrapped up their set and swapped powerbooks w/ A-Trak letting him get into a tight set juggling Justin's "My Love" and then getting into one of his older sets with Weezy's "Go DJ". Quickly getting out of the technical stuff saying:
It makes me feel weird when guys are watching me instead of moving on the dance floor. Let me get into the club stuff!

I had to get moving but I still heard A-Trak moving into his mix of electro hip hop, mashes and remixes. Sounded hot, good thing I left because it seemed that noone else was into the progressive set.. really. Hopefully this night layed the foundation for things to come with dope DJs that can play great music that might not be restricted by current popularity.
EMI Offers Clean MP3s
Thursday December 07, 2006
The Wall Street Journal reports that EMI, one of the major record labels, plans to offer a handful of songs as clean MP3s without DRM. I don't think that should be particularly newsworthy, but the article does a nice job of assessing the current music market.

Michael Geist's Blog

One of the best blogs on Canadian digital music bizz....
The One

Friday, February 9, 2007

K-os in the US of A

Looking good Mr K-os

Big things for the digital music industry...

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Apple Inc. indicated it would open its iTunes store to other portable players besides its ubiquitous iPod if the world's major record labels abandoned the anti-piracy technology that serves as the industry's security blanket.

Steve Jobs, Apple's chief executive, made the case for abolishing the protections known as "Digital Rights Management," or DRM, in an open letter posted Tuesday on the company's website.
The essay, dubbed "Thoughts on Music," cited the anti-piracy technology as the main reason music sold through iTunes can't be transferred to other portable players besides the iPod.

If not for the DRM safeguards, Jobs asserted that Apple would be able to create a more flexible system that would allow iTunes music to work on other devices, such as Microsoft Corp.'s recently introduced Zune.

Jobs suggested that consumers unhappy with the status quo should urge the world's four largest labels - Universal Music Group, EMI, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group - to sell their online catalogues without the DRM restrictions. Those four labels distribute more than 70 per cent of the world's music.

"Convincing them to license their music to Apple and others DRM-free will create a truly interoperable music marketplace," Jobs wrote. "Apple will embrace this wholeheartedly."

iTunes' incompatibility with other music players has drawn fire in Europe, where Apple's limitations have been branded anticompetitive. Over the past eight months, consumer rights and protection groups in Germany, France, Norway and the Netherlands have lodged complaints against Cupertino-based Apple.

Raising a bit of irony in his dissertation, Jobs noted that three of the four largest music labels are owned by European interests.

Even if iTunes remains incompatible with other players, Jobs argued that most consumers can still easily load their digital music on just about any computing device that they desire.

That's because most consumers already own a library of CDs unencumbered by DRM restrictions or acquire other music files, either legally or illegally, that aren't copyright protected.

Based on Apple research released for the first time Tuesday, Jobs estimated that just 22 out of every 1,000 songs stored on an iPod were purchased from iTunes.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

F*&ckin Freezin' Friday

And the reasons why I'm going out in the cold are:

You'll hear the urban hits from the nineties the
entire night and the energy in the place is def
not to be missed. For me this monthly has plateau'd,
but that doesn't mean the party isn't still rocking hard!

Roots, Rock, Reggae! This party goes down
around every 2-3 months, a skankfest, bundown,
whatever you do when the music hits. Featuring
reggae music for the clubbers that stay far from
the banquet hall scene. Friday, they celebrate the
Hon. R.N. Marley 'pon 45s.
Brand new one-off is brought to you by
the good people @ Shaman Fam & Barcode.
If u are familiar w/ Cozy, Reggae Cafe, Cheers.
Too many sell-off dances to name. Even if you haven't
This party is an outside shot of being that spot.
Especially, if you want to keep your kicks fresh.
All these joints will be a door hassle after 11:30pm. And the sescurity dresses warm, so they don't mind holding you up in the cold. That's why I love Toronto!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007



Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Classic Ice Cube

Remember this shit!!!

I need a jerry curl.


We had him in Montreal about a week back!! People need to know.... Cube is Hip-Hop
Heres a link to some piks... he still has it.

Get to know Sase One....

Hello Internet massive.... My name is Sase One I've been in Montreal involved in the Music business for the past 12 years. I was a record store owner, Buyer,worked for a distributor of vinyl and Cds, managed a huge mega store, A&R for a an Indy label, Promotions for Emi/Virgin Canada and have played some of Canada's biggest clubs as a Breaks,Grime,Dubstep and Drum and bass DJ. Here is my wifes and my dogs myspace ...

Well now that you know me and my familly... Here are some of my favorite blogs right now.

  • blog... antons the man!!!

I'm really loving Lily Allen these days... check her out
Let me know if your a DJ I have the Shy FX vrs of Smile for you guys..
Feel fre to check out my bands web site @

More links and bullshit tomorrow

Monday, February 5, 2007

Currency Exchange

Maybe I'm just on some euro vibes because I watch soccer religiously, but many UK or European acts slide thru the North American radar. Will Lily be a M.I.A. or Coldplay?

Smile (Nervous RMX)