Thursday, February 8, 2007

F*&ckin Freezin' Friday

And the reasons why I'm going out in the cold are:

You'll hear the urban hits from the nineties the
entire night and the energy in the place is def
not to be missed. For me this monthly has plateau'd,
but that doesn't mean the party isn't still rocking hard!

Roots, Rock, Reggae! This party goes down
around every 2-3 months, a skankfest, bundown,
whatever you do when the music hits. Featuring
reggae music for the clubbers that stay far from
the banquet hall scene. Friday, they celebrate the
Hon. R.N. Marley 'pon 45s.
Brand new one-off is brought to you by
the good people @ Shaman Fam & Barcode.
If u are familiar w/ Cozy, Reggae Cafe, Cheers.
Too many sell-off dances to name. Even if you haven't
This party is an outside shot of being that spot.
Especially, if you want to keep your kicks fresh.
All these joints will be a door hassle after 11:30pm. And the sescurity dresses warm, so they don't mind holding you up in the cold. That's why I love Toronto!

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