Sunday, February 11, 2007

Night @ The Guv

My Saturday was banal, at the best. T-Dot mediocrity. Went to a seminar, saw some movies, had some convos about what people need to do to get it poppin in the rap game. Decided that was draining me, I went to grab food, had an inkling of what I was gonna do that same evening. But until a convo with a girl connected changed the direction of the night. I went to see A-Trak's DJ set @ D'Luxe in the Guvernment.
Good thing I've been in the game long enough to have broken bread w/ the potentially mean bouncers of the Guv. Breezing through to the lounge, I met up with upcoming mogul/rapper Chris S who provided a video release of his new track "Clap 2 This" featuring vet, G Wunder.

Clap To This

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Waiting for the A-Trak set gave me a chance to survey the room. Imagine 19yr old suburban kids who came out for a Girls Gone Wild night. Scenesters with the latest streetwear choosing to spend a grip on a 24 of Heineken @ the bar instead of a bottle - BRILLIANT. Then the A-Trak DJ fans who seemed like it was the first time out of their basement in years.

4 Korners wrapped up their set and swapped powerbooks w/ A-Trak letting him get into a tight set juggling Justin's "My Love" and then getting into one of his older sets with Weezy's "Go DJ". Quickly getting out of the technical stuff saying:
It makes me feel weird when guys are watching me instead of moving on the dance floor. Let me get into the club stuff!

I had to get moving but I still heard A-Trak moving into his mix of electro hip hop, mashes and remixes. Sounded hot, good thing I left because it seemed that noone else was into the progressive set.. really. Hopefully this night layed the foundation for things to come with dope DJs that can play great music that might not be restricted by current popularity.

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